Connected Media

eLife Solutions focuses on helping organizations design, deploy, and consume rich media and collaborative solutions across corporate assets as well as employees personal devices. Our solutions ensure a strong end user experience while reducing complexity and related costs.

Our innovative approach and deployment model provide the following key benefits for our customers:

  • The ability to identify and profile devices as they come onto the network
  • Automate registration and capabilities for end users and devices on the network
  • Provide seamless access to best in class services for all users and devices
  • Guaranteed performance and user satisfaction

eLife Solutions provides the following suite of connected media services:

Media empowered infrastructure
Developed in coordination with Cisco MediaNet, eLife Solutions assists organizations in the design, deployment, and support of complex IT infrastructure that supports your communication and collaboration solutions. This enables our customers to accelerate adoption, achieve the full value of their business and collaboration applications, and reduce costs. All while optimizing the users experience and supporting a vast array of devices such as IP phones, cellular phones, tablets, PC’s, as well as your employees Bring Your Own Devices.

Enterprise Communication Platforms
eLife Solutions assists customers in deployed enterprise communication platforms which can encompass offices, remote workers, and their mobile workforce. Built on Cisco’s Unified Communication Manager platform, Aqueduct Technologies can assist your organization with the design, deployment, and support of platforms that can provide enterprise-wide services for communications, mobile device inclusion, video solutions, and integration with a variety of advanced applications.

Enterprise Messaging Platforms
Messaging has evolved from voicemail and email unification to also include technologies such as enterprise instant messaging and social software. eLife Solutions can assist your organization in the deployment of your auto-attendant and voicemail systems. In addition eLife Solutions can provide your end users with enterprise Instant Messaging that provides capabilities to communicate text, voice, and video to internal and external contacts, desktop sharing, file transfers, and one touch access to advanced collaboration meeting technologies.

Multi-party collaboration requires easy to use and administer platforms that can quickly pull together users and allow them to have a strong audio, video, and web conference experience. eLife Solutions specializes in helping companies deploy Cisco MeetingPlace and WebEx conferencing solutions.

Video Solutions
eLife Solutions provides a wide range of video solutions that range from peer-to-peer video chat all the way to truly immersive Telepresence solutions. Regardless if you are looking to tie in individuals on their home PC’s or mobile devices or to provide board meetings across the globe, Aqueduct Technologies can provide an appropriate and cost effective solution for you.

Customer Service and Contact Center Solutions
Today’s customer service environments have gone beyond the call center and now must support multiple methods of engagement while providing real time information about your customers. eLife Solutions works with organizations to help align their communication strategy from voice, email, fax, chat, and inbound social marketing and apply the appropriate contact center solution.

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